Ellios Bio Tek designs innovative products in close collaboration with specialised clinicians

The company

Founded in 1995 by Dr Bernard MONTANARI, ELLIOS BIO TEK designs disposable medical devices for assisted reproduction and functional exploration in gynaecology.

In addition, the company developed some specific food supplements for urology.

The products of ELLIOS BIO TEK, marketed in several countries, are widely used by clinicians and biologists specialised in human reproduction.

Since graduating, Bernard MONTANARI (Pharma. D./immunology D./ Ph.D.) has been working for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 1985, he joined the SERONO Group (then worldwide leader in infertility treatments) where, for almost 10 years, he set up and managed several subsidiaries (of which France) before being appointed W.W. Corporate Senior Vice President in charge of licensing and acquisitions.

Awareness, Availability, Reactivity

Since its inception, Ellios Bio Tek has been driven by the requests of its customers.

Ellios Bio Tek is dedicated to help them improve their daily practise with the optimisation of existing devices as well as designing new products meeting their expectations.